Yuvraj Singh uploads video and tells Sania Mirza that he is “always up for a challenge”

Cricketers like Kevin Pietersen, Chris Gayle and Yuvraj Singh are rather upfront in pulling fellow players’ leg on social media platforms. We have seen that Pietersen, for several months now, making fun of his good friend James Faulkner. Gayle never loses any opportunity to have fun — in fact, he is the king of good times on social media. Now Yuvraj too has joined the band by pulling the legs of Shoaib Malik and his tennis playing wife Sania Mirza.

It was quite bold of Yuvraj to say that Shoaib Malik and his wife Sania Mirza are “terrible-dancers”. To which, Shoaib replied, “Aajo maidan mein”. That, in effect, challenged Yuvraj to show his dancing skills. Well, Yuvraj did reply to Shoaib’s challenge with a dance of sort in the gym and uploading it on Velfie (see below) and telling Sania, “Always up for a challenge @mirzasania”. The ball now is in Sania’s court! It surely is getting to be an interesting ‘rally’!