An idea of how the menu card might look like. You can have your own versions of it    Getty Images | Designer: Ranjeet Parab
An idea of how the menu may look like. You can have your own versions of it Getty Images | Designer: Ranjeet Parab

Cricketers, besides improving their skills, are bound to take care of their fitness. In order to be physically fit round the year, they follow strict exercise regime and of course, diet. A well-balanced food habit always adds to body fitness; as far as the cricketers’ food intake is concerned, they are known to thrive on light and nutritious things. Spectators, on the other hand, never get bored of having a snack or two while relishing a battle between bat and ball. Cricketers often compromise on their taste buds to achieve their desired glory in the field of sport but some happen to have an uncanny relation with this basic amenity of life. Bizarre names, once again, play a role to make a scorecard look more like a menu card. So, here you go, a gourmet meal menu designed by CricketCountry’s resident chef Paulami Chakraborty based on cricket cuisine.

Snacks: Arguably the most healthiest yet tastiest outcomes of culinary experiments are snacks. While hoping not to consume much, one may try out a Julien Weiner, on tasty hotdog for Rs 93, to commemorate the player’s highest ever individual score in international cricket. Not a big fan of hotdogs? We have a solution. How about a Chris Burger?

Starters: Like the cricketers spend time in the nets preparing before the crucial matches, a foodie tempts his taste-buds with a good serving of starters. Look what we have for you here in the special menu. CB Fry, champion of the Golden Age of Cricket, will have a sweet, sour and salty flavour at the same time just like the great English all-rounder, followed by Bob Crisp, a snack as perfect and full of elements as the talented man himself who was a trekker, a battle tank commander, a journalist and a successful cricketer himself who took 4 wickets in 4 balls twice in his career!

Salads: After some servings of snacks and starters, it is time for some freshness of salad. We have a mix of Phil Mustard and Darren Berry to ‘keep’ the salad’s freshness intact, garnished with Graham Onions, shredded with unmatched pace. To top it, some Hashim Amla (gooseberries) for the sour and pungent flavour that stabilises the metabolism, just like the cricketer’s calm and cool innings.

Main Course: After tempering the taste-buds with the light initial few dishes, now it is time to enter the main course. And what better to have than plate of tender lamb? Cricket has that too, in the form of Allan Lamb who can take good care of the middle order. The menu does not disappoint the fish-lovers as well, as Clifford Roach is there. The first West Indian to score a Test century will definitely like to entertain the fans. To accompany the two sides, there is Clive Rice straight from South Africa who needs no introduction. Sumptuous!

Beverages: A meal is not really complete without a beverage to end it, at least for many. Cricket has solution for that as well. A can of beer is not something one likes to have after a full meal but then, there is actually no time to not have beer. So, sit down with a chilled Michael Beer after the overloaded feast and guess what, you can play ‘spin’ the bottle afterwards.

The men behind the meal: Designing the meal is never enough as the people who execute matter. There is no prize for guessing that Alastair Cook will take care of the culinary part while the chop-chopping will be done by cricket’s very own Mark Butcher.

(Paulami Chakraborty, a singer, dancer, artist, and photographer, loves the madness of cricket and writes about the game. She can be followed on Twitter at @Polotwitts)