One of the dressing-room insiders has revealed that two senior Sri Lankan cricketers raised suspicions over a player s behaviour. Although Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) do not know of such incident, International Cricket Council (ICC) have already started investigation, asking its anti-corruption unit to look into the matter.

The anti-corruption unit barged into the dressing-room toilet to find a certain device. The incident has been popularised by the local media as toiletgate .

As far as we are concerned, we are not aware of any such incident, but these investigations are made independently by the ICC anti-corruption unit, said SLC Chief Executive Officer Ashley de Silva, as reported by Sunday Times.

The accused is identified as Sampath Hettiarachchi who attended team meetings during the Zimbabwe tour. It was later reported that he was subsequently denied from attending the meetings.

De Silva further added, Sampath Hettiarachchiis employed by the SLC and he is tipped to take over the SLC brain centre which we will be commissioning soon. So to familiarise with his duties that he has to perform, he has to attend such meetings and at the same time no one has barred him from attending team meetings if and when necessary.

Such incident has been reported for the second time this year. In March, the anti-corruption unit had interviewed a Sri Lankan cricketer after Bangladesh defeated Sri Lanka in the second Test at P. Sara Oval.