The Barmy Army in full support of their team © Getty Images
The Barmy Army in full support of their team © Getty Images

England are known to live in a world of their own and Nikhil Popat brings to you what he thinks would be the meaning of alphabets in English cricket.

England are one of those teams that love to dwell in their history, and pride themselves over it a bit too much. Their orthodox approach to things has not been in their best interest, but they still insist on it. From being very traditional to not being flexible enough to move ahead, England seem to be stuck in their own past. So what would their definition of A to Z in English be?

Following is what it could possibly mean:

A.    Alastair Cook is the best

B.    Being defensive

C.    Cook is the next Sachin

D.    Data is more important than wins

E.    England are the best (goes without saying)

F.    Feel free to rope in players from other countries (*cough South Africa *cough)

G.    Go pick any orthodox skill but nothing flexible

H.    Home is ONLY where we may win

I.    Instant boredom guaranteed watching us play

J.    Jade Dernbach was the best death bowler.


L.    Lion is only in the name not in the game

M.    My England, my rules – ECB

N.    Nick Knight is the best commentator around

O.    Oz, Oz, Oz, we can’t beat

P.    Parody accounts are more important than team building

Q.    Questioning the English authorities is a sin

R.    Rain is our best player

S.    Spirit of the game to be applied as per our needs

T.    Tell only what we want to hear

U.    United in attempts to embarrass ourselves always

V.    Very juvenile about sledging

W.    Walking? We edge, but can’t walk

X.    Xtras: No one uses extras like we do

Y.    You will never see us playing aggressive cricket

Z.    Zero innovation, only tradition

(Nikhil Popat is a cricket lover and a PotterHead. He can be followed on Twitter @CricCrazyNIKS)