Virat Kohli © Getty Images
Virat Kohli © Getty Images

Virat Kohli, who will be leading India against Sri Lanka and hoping to win a Test series in the Emerald Isle after a gap of 22 years, spoke about the intensity and being reminded about the visitors not winning a Test series for so many years. Speaking to the media at Galle, Kohli said, “We are confident to execute our plans against [Kumar] Sangakkara and the rest. Our intensity in training is right up there. I have been reminded many times about not winning in Sri Lanka for 22 years.”  Kohli said that playing more matches will allow him to execute his plans better. “More games to play in a series gives me a better chance to execute my plans.” Kumar Sangakkara: Always strived to play that Sachin Tendulkar-like straight drive

Kohli mentioned his disliking for being compared his batting with captaincy. “Practice games are far different than international matches, the pitches given are different, I have experienced it myself. Test cricket is one format that every member of Team India wants to do well in. I don’t like to relate my batting and captaincy. Leaving a ball outside the off stump has nothing to do with captaincy. On the field, I am talking about the bowling change and other things, not my batting,” Kohli was quoted as saying by Jaspreet Sahni of IBNLive.

Speaking about India’s failure in Australia, Kohli said, “There is no lacking in our skill, we lacked in composure on Australian tour, I am sure the guys have learned. I am pretty happy with what I have seen till now, the guys look pretty hungry. The only way you can win a Test is by taking 20 wickets, so the idea of playing five bowlers is pretty clear.”

Kohli also spoke about KL Rahul. He added, “Responsibility is on the experienced batsmen to score and not put the lower order under pressure.  Rahul is someone who wants to do well and has a great attitude. ”

“Sri Lanka is very competitive, not very expressive but the intent in their body language is very evident”