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Virat Kohli, India’s Test captain, showed off his impressive and muscular body mere days before India take on Sri Lanka in the first Test of what will be a long tour. India have not won a Test series in Sri Lanka since 1993, when Kohli was only four years old. He told the media before the series commenced, “You need to play a stronger bowling side in order to win Test matches and it’s more exciting and satisfying as well. Yes, that’s a possibility (three spinners). The idea is to take 20 wickets. I strongly believe that you need to your best bowlers to play in order to give your team a chance to do that. The whole idea of playing five bowlers is that the top six have to take more responsibility.”  READ: Virat Kohli advised by Rahul Dravid to look at Virender Sehwag innings to prepare for Sri Lanka spinners

He continued by saying, It is an opportunity to have certain plans to prepare for a particular series. Actually judge ourselves on the basis of those three Test matches and analyse how many times we were able to do things actually we wanted to do. I think in one-off Test matches you do not get that opportunity. You prepare for a week or 10 days and that game gets over in five days and correct things and straight away go in to the second game. That is very exciting for me personally to play a full series as a captain and to be able to have the opportunity of executing certain things that we want to do as a team.”  READ: Virat Kohli clarifies perceived statement on MS Dhoni