Inspired by Virendra Sehwag, Rajdeep Sardesai hums his Gnight songs during TV debates

Recently retired Indian cricketing legend Virender Sehwag amused one and all by humming Bollywood songs while batting for the Sachin Blasters in the Cricket All Stars league. In doing so, the triple centurion has also managed to inspire veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai to do the same in the middle of his TV debates. Videos: 5 special moments from the 2nd T20 match of Cricket All-Stars series at Houston

Rajdeep, who takes to Twitter every night to post classic Hindi songs with a “song for the night” tweet, extended his habit to TV too, thanks to Sehwag.

“I have, so far, tried many ways to trounce Arnab, but in vain. Be it the sense over sensationalism, news over noise ads when I was at CNN-IBN or our election coverage at India Today, I just haven’t been able to beat him. I’m not talking in the literal sense, by the way. Literally speaking, I can effortlessly beat anyone up, people on the streets of New York can vouch for that,” Rajdeep told The UnReal Times.

“So yes, while I was still scratching my head for ideas, I happened to see a carefree Viru humming songs while blasting bowlers left and right on Cricket All Stars. That was my moment of reckoning; I remembered that while most people hate everything about me on Twitter, my choice of gnight songs is something no one hates. So I decided to do a Viru and when Sambit Patra and Sanjay Jha had a go at each other in yesterday’s debate, I started humming Dekho Dekho yeh hai jalwa. The feedback I got after the show was mind-blowing. Even the Modi bhakts and trolls told me they loved my humming and wanted me to do more of those. For the first time, I feel confident of defeating Arnab. Melody over madness, folks!” the India Today anchor added.

At an interview recorded today, with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Rajdeep mentioned that he began to hum So Jaa Rajkumari when Dr.Singh was speaking. At a news report of PM Modi’s trip to Turkey, Rajdeep added that he sang Hawa Hawai.

Arnab, however, added that he was unfazed by Rajdeep’s latest tactic. “This is the age of rap, dubstep etc. Basically, its the age of anything but melody. If at all it gets to a stage where my viewership takes a jolt, I can always scream out some metallica and iron maiden songs and head bang. You will never defeat the nation, Mr.Sardesai!” the Times Now editor-in-chief thundered.

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

(Ashwin Kumar is a humorist with where this article was originally published. The UnReal Times is India’s favourite satire, spoof, parody and humour portal)