Michael Slater calls Kiwi crowd “savage”; are they?

It wasn’t just a normal dance in crowd on Monday during the third One-Day International (ODI) between New Zealand and Australia at Seddon Park, Hamilton. A Kiwi fan showed his funny moves, which was nicely acknowledged by the spectators.

It was the 39th over of the match when Australia were struggling while chasing the target. Thanks to the cameraman who spotted this guy in the crowd and gave viewers a moment to cheer in the ill-tempered contest. The Kiwis are probably the friendliest of people and their crowd love sports. They know how to enjoy even during the tensest of situations.

On the other side, former Australian cricket Michael Slater made a controversial comment on the New Zealand spectators by calling them ‘savage’, as reported by New Zealand Herald. “I’m telling you it was the hardest place so if the Aussies want to go hard it will come thick and fast at them and they will be made to feel uncomfortable. Your crowds are savage. If the Ausssies want to come out all barbed up, I’ve said to the audience, it is the hardest place to play in New Zealand I find.” ALSO READ: McCullum exits with Chappell-Hadlee Trophy; Mitchell Marsh angry, Steve Smith booed: Twitter reactions

Referring to the Mitchell Marsh dismissal which sparked some controversies as New Zealand went on to win the series 2-1, Slated said, “I look at it very simply. If you can tell me there was an appeal then I am fine with it. If there wasn’t an appeal then the rules of the game have been manipulated because that’s all there is too it. If the umpires heard an appeal or there was a gesture that was an appeal then you can have a look at it. If they went on a crowd reaction because of the big screen I think the wrong decision has been made.”

A statement like this coming from an Australian is bound to leave many surprised.