Mirwais Ashraf: Afghanistan looking forward to play against full member nations

It wasn’t really a good debut for Afghanistan in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 as they lost to Bangladesh by a big margin. However there were several positives as they bowled well initially. Afghanistan batsman Mirwais Ashraf speaks to the media ahead of their second match against Sri Lanka at Dunedin.

Q: Talk about your expectations around Sunday’s match.
Mirwais Ashraf (MA): Inshallah we will play a positive game tomorrow. The Sri Lankan side is a senior side, a full member nation and Inshallah it will be good game tomorrow.

Q: You’ve seen Ireland and the UAE play pretty well in their respective games. Is it a case of trying to match those other qualifiers and maybe do yourself a bit more justice tomorrow?
MA: First game it was a little bit of a struggle against Bangladesh. Five more matches left. Inshallah in that games, we try 100 percent and give our performance.

Q: What’s your general feel of the tournament so far, and how are you looking forward to the next matches, particularly Australia and New Zealand?
MA: Yeah, full member nation playing against a full member nation, tough games, all five matches, consecutively, so Inshallah we’ll be trying to do our best against all full member nations and play positive cricket.

Q: There was a couple of instances against Bangladesh where you could have used the DRS and didn’t and maybe that impacted on the result. Has there been a discussion within the team about how you go about using DRS because you’re obviously not used to it when you’re playing normally?
MA: We are new, especially in this big event, so the last game was a debut game against in this big event, so Inshallah, the next game we will be well‑prepared for that decision. The last game was our first game, and it was a little bit disappointing, that decision.

Courtesy: ICC