Preston Mommsen: We’ll go back much stronger

Scotland end their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 campaign with another loss, this time against the mighty Australians at Hobart. They lost all their six matches and after the game, their skipper Preston Mommsen spoke to the media and elaborated on the gains from the tournament. (ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Points Table)

Q: How disappointing was that?

Preston Mommsen (PM): It was very disappointing. I think at the same time it’s a good eye opener to see the world’s best and how they operate and where the bar is at the very top. I think it’s a good experience for us, and we’ll take a lot out of today.
Q: You said at the toss that you would have batted, but does the mind-set change knowing the plan was to come out and attack you and actually try to shorten length the game?
 No, I think we wanted to be as positive as possible today, and I think in the stroke play we had there, I think it shows that we went out there with a very positive frame of mind and we wanted to just go out and express ourselves. Unfortunately that meant frequent wickets falling too often and no real partnership, no real platform to get a decent total. Yeah, I definitely would have batted first if we had it again, but at the same time there, they bowled very well.

Q: Where do you see the future of Scottish cricket going?
 It has to go up. We have quality 15 players that are here, I think we’ve come a long way in the last 12 months since qualifying for this World Cup. It’s been a journey, and the last six games I can’t put into words what we’ll take out of those games. We’ll leave much better, much stronger. I think mentally what a difference the past six games will make to everyone in that dressing room. I think we have to go back to associate cricket and look to dominate every game we play.

I think we have the capabilities to do that, and you know, whenever World Cup qualifying tournaments come around, we have to go out there and make sure we finish at the top and we qualify for every tournament in the future. You know, you look at what Ireland have done; I think the reason that they compete so well at these tournaments is purely through the experiences that they’ve had when they’ve got themselves to these tournaments, and the key for them is that they keep qualifying for these tournaments. Their players build up that bank of experience, and when the tough situations come, an opportunity to win those close games come, they seem to do it.

I see that as huge potential for us. There’s so much for us to grow in the next 12 months. We have the T20 qualifiers coming up in June, so it’s critical that we do well in that tournament and qualify for that competition.

Q: You talked a little bit about the experiences but I suppose it’s quite similar to what happened against New Zealand, the partnerships not coming. I wonder how you go about rectifying that in the future if you’re not facing that kind of top level bowling on a regular basis and if there’s an element of listlessness.
 No, there was never a question of lack of motivation there today. We wanted to come out and stand up against the Australians. We knew that they would come hard with pace. As hard as you prepare, it’s a very difficult thing to prepare for if you’ve not really been through those experiences very often. You have net bowlers the day before games, but no one in those nets is hitting up to 145, 150, and when you’re out in the middle as I’ve said before, things are amplified. It is a challenge. How we get more experiences facing that sort of bowling and put under that sort of pressure, I’m not sure, but certainly some sort of program needs to be in place that we are being exposed to that sort of level of cricket or just below so that we are getting better.

Q: How do you rate Mitchell Starc’s performance today? Do you think he’s the best you guys have come up against?
Left arm bowlers look to swing the ball. I think both (Mitchell Starc and Mitchell Johnson) of them are hitting good pace at the moment, both of them in good form. Probably not much to tell apart from either of them.

Courtesy: ICC