This one is for India.

This one is for Dhoni.

This one is for every kid in the slum who aspires to play Cricket.

This one is from Dharavi and this one is called Cricket : The Official Cricket Song of Dharavi by 7 Bantaizz and Enimiez.

On the eve of the title clash between India and Pakistan at the Oval in London, kids from Dharavi in Mumbai decide to put together a homage to the great game of cricket and their cricketing icon MS Dhoni.

India is ready to battle it out again with Pakistan in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. If India wins then their tally goes one notch up and it becomes the third time that they have snatched the Champion s Trophy, and if Pakistan wins, it would be the first time.

Dharavi sometimes dubbed as Asia’s second largest slum and probably the third largest in the world. Dharavi is a highly multi-religious, multi-ethnic, and diverse settlement. One of the most densely populated areas on Earth, it is also one of the largest hubs for musical talent be it rap, hip hop, beat boxing or India’s favorite sport – cricket.

Every household is armed with basic cricketing equipment, even when other basic amenities may not be present, and it is this undying spirit for the game and music which comes together in the song “Cricket”.

Cricket is a parent’s ultimate dream for their kid, in Dharavi. It’s the primal hope for the first few years of young boy’s life in Dharavi. They train in every nook and corner of Dharavi, same as where they practice their music and when their game comes of age, they throng the pitches of Matunga Gymkhana.

The song is also a homage to India’s legend and captain cool Dhoni. It s a hat tip to the spirit of cricket which keep the hearts of millions of Indians every day. Doubly so, on the day of an India-Pakistan match. May the best team win. Dharavi roots for Virat and his boys, it bleeds blue for India.

But music ain’t got no boundaries, neither does the hero of this song – The Great Game of Cricket!