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‘I don’t know why he (Rego) should continue in BCCI’: N Srinivasan © Getty Images

A dismissive tone indicating ultimate authority and a heavy-handed approach of BCCI chief N Srinivasan early 2014 has been found in accessed communication with production chief James Rego over the salary contract of Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, for the Indian Premier League (IPL). In a report by The Indian Express, Rego was told to ‘quit and find another job’ if he couldn’t agree with the decision of the BCCI Working Committee for the IPL. The dispute took place because Rego had asked Sivaramakrishnan’s contract as a commentator be given on a series basis, for logistical reasons, instead of a 72-day contract, as had been decided by the committee.

“If he disagrees with Working Committee decision or with any office bearers, he can quit and find another job. Kindly convey this to Sundar also…. I don’t know why he (Rego) should continue in BCCI,” Srinivasan was quoted as communicating in an email. READ:Shashank Manohar blames N Srinivasan for IPL mess; Asks him to step down as ICC chairman

This was a response to Rego’s letter to IPL CEO Sundar Raman on the problems faced by his team. “At ground level, we have to handle these people (including our international commentary superstars), and if all and sundry can directly have access to president or the secretary for production-related matters and have their way, then it only makes our work more difficult as you will understand.”

“Would request to know if Siva’s fees have been considered as mentioned above. If they have a complaint related to our way of working and that is reported, that is absolutely no problem, but request such general production matters when brought up directly should not be entertained and directed back to me please. READ:BCCI acting fast on ‘conflict of issue’ following Supreme Court’s IPL verdict

This issue was explained more coherently by Kasi Viswanathan, assistant of N Srinivasan. He was quoted as saying this by The Indian Express: “Rego’s move to restrict Siva’s contract was against the decision taken by the BCCI — the Working Committee had decided that Siva was entitled to a 72-day contract. That’s the reason Mr Srinivasan intervened.”