NZC, the NZCPA and the six Major Associations are pleased to announce the completion of a new Master Agreement governing the professional men s game, from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2022.

Major takeaways:

– The new agreement is based on a return to a fixed-revenue share model, through which the players will receive 26.5% of revenue generated from professional cricket. Over the four year term, this is forecast to be $65.3m, an increase of approximately 16% on the past four years of the previous agreement.

– Additionally, the Player Payment Pool will receive 30% of professional revenue over and above the forecasted amount. The new agreement includes a slight change to the contracting process, with NZC s annual BLACKCAPS central contracts being reduced by one (from 21 to 20) and the number of annual domestic contracts for each MA increasing by one (from 15 to 16).

– The agreement also incorporates increased funding for professional development programmes; the establishment of a health and well-being initiative for past players; and a forecast investment of $2.85m into the cricketers retirement fund over the four year term. There will be an expanded NZ A programme; the establishment of development contracts for emerging players; an increase in Ford Trophy rounds (from eight to 10 plus finals) and a reduction of Plunket Shield rounds (from 10 to eight).

NZC’s view:

NZC chief executive David White said the Master Agreement negotiations were a demonstration of the ongoing goodwill between all parties. I just want to congratulate everyone involved on the constructive manner in which the entire process was conducted, said Mr White. It was evident throughout that all parties shared a common interest in striking an agreement that was fair, progressive and good for the overall game in New Zealand. There has been strong and robust discussion throughout the process, as you d expect with such a significant document but the overall tone has been one of cooperation, the CEO added.

NZCPA view:

NZCPA chief executive Heath Mills echoed Mr White s remarks, saying the new agreement ensured a significant investment back into the game at all levels and importantly, recognised and rewarded the contribution of the players. I d like to acknowledge the spirit in which NZC and the Major Associations entered the negotiation process, said Mr Mills. At all times, we ve felt respected, and treated as an important and valued stakeholder in the sport. It s great to see all parties so well aligned and moving in the same direction, he added.

Major Associations’ view:

Central Districts chief executive Pete De Wet, one of the Major Association representatives on the negotiating team, said he was pleased the new Master Agreement recognised and invested in the professional domestic game. We re delighted with the outcome, Mr De Wet said on behalf of the Major Associations. We re particularly pleased with the priority that s been placed on domestic cricket, and the recognition of the importance of it as a development pathway for aspiring international cricketers, he said.

The Memorandum of Understanding governing the professional women s game expires on July 31, 2019 and discussions will commence shortly on a new agreement with a view to it running concurrently with, and expiring at the same time as, the new men s agreement.