Barry Richards surprised with the thickness of the bat

The bats used in contemporary cricket have created a lot of stir in the cricket fraternity. With the evolving standards of the game and new rules coming into play, a batsman’s life has become somewhat easier as compared to a bowler.

Years back, South African cricket legend Barry Richards scripted history in First-Class cricket when he scored a tenacious 325 in a day against Western Australia while playing for South Australia. In the above picture, Richards is seen holding two bats out of which the one in his right hand has been used by him almost 45 years back to score a triple-century, whereas the bat on the right belongs to David Warner. The picture was

It’s a massive change in the thickness of the blade as one will be equally surprised as Richards is while comparing the two different bats from two different eras. Richards said, “It’s (bat) just un-recognisable as a weapon. The only thing that seems to be in common is they’ve got wood and they’ve got a grip.”

Due to such thick bats, even a mistimed shot travels over the boundary hence making a bowlers life miserable. The sweet spot has increased alarmingly which lets the batsman take enough risks and back himself to take on any bowler as compared to before.