Oman eventually won the match by five runs © Getty Images (Representational Image)
Oman eventually won the match by five runs © Getty Images (Representational Image)

Babar Hayat scored a magnificent 60-ball 122 in the Asia Cup 2016 Qualifier match against Oman, his side lost by a narrow margin. Usually, his innings will be the taking point, but sadly there was a controversy involved, which has taken all the spotlight. It was yet another mankading incident,about which the Hong Kong Coach Simon Cook calls a “cowardly act”. It happened in the final ball of the ninth over when off-spinner Aamir Kaleem mankeded star batsman Mark Chapman. The match went down to the last over and both sides looked at the incident differently. This sort f incident happened in the ICC Under-19 World Cup when a West Indies bowler was accused of going against the spirit of the game by resorting to such an act. Full Cricket Scorecard, Hong Kong vs Oman, 2nd T20 Match, Asia Cup Qualifiers 2016 

“Yes it’s in the laws but I think it goes against the spirit of the game when you’re not at least giving a warning,” Cook said. “Ultimately it’s a cowardly way out really, if you’re battling against one another, man against man, out in the middle and you choose to go down that route to get a wicket and win the game, it’s not really in the spirit of cricket,” according to READ: Babar Hayat’s 122 against Oman helps him enter the top 5 for most number of runs scored in a T20I innings

Chapman stood in disbelief after what at happened but there was nothing wrong, legally as it is mentioned in the ICC regulation 42.15, which says,  “The bowler is permitted, before releasing the ball and provided he has not completed his usual delivery swing, to deliberately attempt to run out the non-striker.” READ: Mankading controversy: Time to put the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ debate to rest

Kaleem on the other hand says that he did not give any sort of warning to Chapman as the batsman should know that he has to be inside the crease when the bowler delivers the ball. “No, I didn’t [warn Chapman],” he said. “As a batsman, if I am non-striker, I know if I leave the crease before the delivery, bowler can do the same thing. I had just noticed two or three times that both batsmen – Babar was also doing it – so I just thought if they did the same thing, I would do this.

He went on, “We have all seen it happen in the Under-19 World Cup so it is not a wrong thing. It is under the rules. If the batsman goes before the ball has been released, any bowler can do this. So I did this.” READ: Did Mankading rob Zimbabwe an entry to ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2016 quarter-final?

Thisnis however not the first time Kaleem has dismissed a batsman like this. “Five or six months ago, when we were in Nepal playing against Malaysia, their batsman was also doing the same thing. Our coaches have told us if they are doing the same thing [and backing up prematurely], go ahead and run the batsman out,” said the off-spinner.