India (IND) Vs South Africa (SA) Live Cricket Score, 2nd Test  match Day 4 Score 304/2 Live cricket score at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune

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    2-0 it is then which means India have an unassailable lead in the three match series.

  • 3:01 PM IST

    67.2 Ravindra Jadeja to Keshav Maharaj, out, OUT! Umpire’s call it is! Three reds and South Africa have been bundled out. Shorter pitching on off, Keshav looks to defend but misses. The ball hits him on his back pad. The Indian players go up in a loud and confident appeal. The umpire nods his head and raises his finger.

  • 3:00 PM IST

    UDRS TIME! Is this game over? Looks close. Here comes the Ultra Edge, no bat. Here comes the Ball Tracker. Three reds it is.

  • 3:00 PM IST

    67.1 Ravindra Jadeja to Keshav Maharaj, no run, Tossed up on off, Maharaj pushes it back to the bowler.

  • 3:00 PM IST

    Anrich Nortje is the last man in for the visitors.

  • 2:58 PM IST

    66.6 Umesh Yadav to Kagiso Rabada, out, OUT! CAUGHT! The over ends the way it started. India now just a wicket away from wrapping up this game. Fuller outside off, Rabada looks to defend but then decides to leave. Too late though as the ball finds the edge and goes to the man at second slip. Rohit Sharma bends forward and takes a good catch.

  • 2:56 PM IST

    66.5 Umesh Yadav to Kagiso Rabada, FOUR, FOUR! Overpitched around off, Rabada gets on his front foot and drives it off the meat of his bat through covers for a boundary.

  • 2:56 PM IST

    66.4 Umesh Yadav to Kagiso Rabada, no run, Bouncer! Kagiso ducks under it.

  • 2:56 PM IST

    66.3 Umesh Yadav to Kagiso Rabada, no run, Good length ball on off and middle, Rabada defends it towards point and shouts a loud no.

  • 2:54 PM IST

    66.2 Umesh Yadav to Kagiso Rabada, no run, Full and just outside off, Rabada leaves it alone.

  • 2:53 PM IST

    Kagiso Rabada is the next man in!

  • 2:53 PM IST

    66.1 Umesh Yadav to Vernon Philander, out, OUT! CAUGHT! The consistent bad ball has actually produced the breakthrough. Once again Umesh bowls it full and down the leg side. Philander looks to flick but the ball takes a slight edge and goes to the left of the keeper. Saha moves swiftly to that side and takes a fine catch. The 56-run stand is broken. Lucky breakthrough for Umesh but he isn’t complaining.

  • 2:50 PM IST

    65.6 Ravindra Jadeja to Keshav Maharaj, no run, How did that miss the stumps? Just over the stumps. Jadeja gives it a lot of air and bowls it full. Maharaj comes forward to defend but the ball shoots off the surface and goes over the stumps. Saha is hit on the chest as he looks to grab it.

  • 2:50 PM IST

    65.5 Ravindra Jadeja to Vernon Philander, 1 run, Fuller ball this time, Philander pushes it back to the bowler. Jadeja looks to deflect it onto the stumps but he fails to do so. The ball goes towards mid off. Kohli there dives and stops the ball but a single taken.