Poll: Sachin Tendulkar or Kumar Sangakkara — Who is the greater batsman in Test cricket?

Comparisons can be never conclusive — and often swayed by regional bias.  But as the great Kumar Sangakkara is spending his last few days on the international field of cricket, which he has graced with dignity and awesomeness, it’s tempting to ask the question: Who between Sangakkara and the legendary Sachin Tendulkar was a greater player? The question is all the more relevant as they played in the same era. [Also Read: 15 memorable quotes by Kumar Sangakkara]

While Tendulkar if often hailed as the next best after Don Bradman, but Sangakkara’s numbers show that he is the most accomplished batsman after the Australian legend. [Also Read: Kumar Sangakkara: 10 of his most memorable innings in international cricket]

Sangakkara has also played a wicketkeeper in most of the Tests and when he has not, in 85 Tests, he has amassed 9233 runs at an average of 67.39. The following article will throw light on that: [Also Read: Kumar Sangakkara and Sachin Tendulkar: How they compare]

If Sangakkara has the numbers, Tendulkar has the longevity and he has remained India’s top batsman for 24 long years. He has played variety of attack and mastered in more hostile conditions against better bowling attacks.

Players T I Runs HS Ave SR 100s 50s
Sachin Tendulkar 200 329 15921 248* 53.78 54.04 51 68
Kumar Sangakkara 133 231 12350 319 57.71 54.22 38 52


We now ask cricket fans who between the two greats was a better player and why. The “why” is important to explain their preference.

Poll: Tendulkar vs Sangakkara