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Shakib Al Hasan is the Bangladesh performer of the match for his 26 runs and two wickets. Mashrafe Mortaza says, “Bowlers bowled petty well. We would have done well to restrict them to 130, but we couldn’t build partnerships as a batting order. The wicket looked a bit slow, it was a plan [to start with the spinners] and all the bowlers bowled well, I think. I think batters played too many shots, but we can fix it, it’s not too much of a worry, the way they are batting. We’ll be back in the next match.” Faf du Plessis is the Man of the Match. He says, “Wicket was tough, specially with the new ball, spinners were bowling well, ball wasn’t bouncing much. Took time to get used to the conditions, but once we got in we started playing well. Duminy bowled well today, the wicket was conducive to the spinners, and he put them under real pressure. It’s good when you have someone like JP who can chip in with the ball as well. It’s nice to be batting again. We’ve been off for two months or so, so it’s nice to play competitive cricket again. It’s a knock that you’d like to play as a batter. Not the easiest wicket, not a flat T20 wicket, had to graft a lot. Ball was spinning and staying low, we just needed a partnership, and Rilee played really well. That was the match-winning partnership.”

 Live cricket score Bangladesh 96 | Overs 18.5 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Arafat Sunny 1 (2)

OUT! Mustafizur Rahman b Wayne Parnell 1 (1)

Wayne Parnell. Dot balls to start with. Field changes being done. Dot ball. One for the over for Parnell. More dot balls. BOWLED! Mustafizur is bowled and South Africa wins the T20I. They go up 1-0 in the series. They win by 52 runs.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 96/9 | Overs 18 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Arafat Sunny 1 (2), Mustafizur Rahman 1 (1)

OUT! Sohag Gazi run out AB de Villiers 3 (7)

OUT! Litton Das c AB de Villiers b David Wiese 22 (26)

Miscommunication and run out! Sohag Gazi has to walk back. Arafat Sunny is the new batsman. More dot ball. Wide ball. Another falls! AB de Villiers takes the catch. David Wiese takes another catch. Bangladesh need 55 to win from 15 balls. Mustafizur Rahman is the new batsman.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 93/7 | Overs 17 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Litton Das 22 (23), Sohag Gazi 3 (6)

Wayne Parnell to bowl the 17th over. The ball bounces into Gazi. He defends. Dot ball. Pulls it for a single. Single to third man. One short ball for the over. Single off the last ball.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 89/7 | Overs 16 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Litton Das 20 (20), Sohag Gazi 1 (3)

JP Duminy’s last over. Can he pick up couple of wickets here? Dot ball. Single. More dot balls. Single and Litton Das back on strike. Tries to switch hit. Dot ball.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 87/7 | Overs 15 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Litton Das 19 (17), Sohag Gazi 0 (0)

OUT! Mashrafe Mortaza c AB de Villiers b Kagiso Rabada 5 (4)

Rabada returns. The ball is running for boundary but excellent dive by JP Duminy to save four runs. Two runs. Litton Das slams the next one for a HUG SIX! No chance for the fielder at long on to get hold of it. Single. This time it is Mashrafe Mortaza. Pulls it for four runs! 13 runs from the over already. Another big one. OUT! AB de Villiers takes the catch. Sohag Gazi is the new batsman. He will be not on strike. Single taken.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 73/6 | Overs 14 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Litton Das 9 (13), Mashrafe Mortaza 1 (2)

OUT! Shakib Al Hasan c Wayne Parnell b David Wiese 26 (30)

David Wiese is back. Shakib goes down and swungs his bat. Lands safely. Two runs. Scoops the next one and Wayne Parnell picks it up at leg slip. Another wicket falls. Mashrafe Mortaza is the new batsman. Slow ball from Wiese. Dot ball. Single. Dot ball. Single to end the over.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 69/5 | Overs 13 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 24 (28), Litton Das 8 (11)

Aaron Phangiso returns. The ball goes high and lands oh short of Miller. Good try by Miller. Could have been another wicket! Good shot by Litton Das. Only one run though. Dot ball. Single. South Africa were 89 for 3 after 12.5 overs. Tries reverse sweep. Appeal by bowler for LBW. Umpire not interested. Signals leg bye.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 64/5 | Overs 12 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 23 (25), Litton Das 5 (8)

JP Duminy returns. Single off the first ball. Good bowling by Duminy. Single. Oh! Missed chance. There could have been a wicket somewhere there. Inside edge and went down in the thigh of Quinton de Kock.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 60/5 | Overs 11 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 22 (23), Litton Das 2 (4)

OUT! Nasir Hossain c Rilee Rossouw b Aaron Phangiso 1 (2)

Aaron Phangiso takes another wicket. Nasir Hossain has to walk back. Rilee Rossouw takes the catch. A bad shot. More singles.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 57/4 | Overs 10 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 21 (22), Nasir Hossain 1 (1)

OUT! Sabbir Rahman c Quinto de Kock b JP Duminy 4 (7)

JP Duminy continues. Nicely driven by Shakib, but it’s well fielde by David Miller. Just one for that. OUT! Wow! Sabbir looks for a reverse sweep, and he hits it right inti the hands of Quninton de Kock, who takes a terrific reaction catch! Nasir Hossain is the new batsman. Good over from Duminy. The ball is spinning a lot. Dot ball to end the over.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 55/3 | Overs 9 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 20 (18), Sabbir Rahman 4 (6)

Phangiso continues. DOT! Ball kept low and the batsman was beaten. TWO! Sabbir Rahman plays it over the top on offside and collects a couple of runs. ONE! Shabbir moves onto the other end. ONE! Leg bye. Shakib charges down the track, hits his pads. DOT! Shabbir defends on off side. DOT to finish.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 51/3 | Overs 8 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 20 (17), Sabbir Rahman 1 (1)

OUT! Mushfiqur Rahim c David Miller b JP Duminy 17 (19)

JP Duminy replacing David Wiese. No run. Single taken. Another single and Bangladesh cross 50-run mark. Dot ball. Down and under and slams the ball straight into Miller’s hands at deep midwicket. JP Duminy provides the big break. Sabbir Rahman is the new batsman. Last ball for Duminy in this over. Single to end the over.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 48/2 | Overs 7 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 13 (15), Mushfiqur Rahim 16 (15)

Aaron Phangiso is the new bowler. No run from the first ball. Mushfiqur slams the next ball for four runs! That was a powerful shot. Dot ball. Single on the on side. Big appeal for caught behind but umpire is not interested. Huge six by Mushfiqur!

Live cricket score Bangladesh 36/2 | Overs 6 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 13 (14), Mushfiqur Rahim 11 (11)

David Wiese is the new bowler. Single. Shakib back on strike. Single. Dot ball. Little adjustment by Mushfiqur as Wiese bowls off cutter. Dot ball. Mushfiqur hits one high in the air but lands safely on no man’s land. Two runs. Third man comes in 30-yard circle. Single to end the over.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 32/2 | Overs 5 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 12 (13), Mushfiqur Rahim 7 (6)

Wayne Parnell has been introduced into the attack. Dot ball. Shakib slams it straight but well fielded by Faf du Plessis. Saved four runs. Single. Straight back at the bowler. However, the fielder is not able to get hold of it on time.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 24/2 | Overs 4 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 5 (8), Mushfiqur Rahim 6 (5)

Dot ball. Singles. Bangladesh scoring in singles. What South Africa need is wickets. What Bangladesh need is a good partnership. Straight down the ground four runs by Mushfiqur Rahim. Dot ball.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 17/2 | Overs 3 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 3 (5), Mushfiqur Rahim 1 (2)

Shakib is back on strike. These two batsmen have to steady the innings. Soumya Sarkar could have avoided the shot. Single. Abbott is bowling tight. Another dot ball. Mushfiqur puts it away for single. Dot ball. One run to end the over.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 14/2 | Overs 2 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 1 (1), Mushfiqur Rahim 0 (0)

OUT! Soumya Sarkar c JP Duminy b Kagiso Rabada 7 (7)

Shakib Al Hasan is the new batsman. Dot ball. Rabada is the new bowler. Soumya Sarkar plays the next ball for four. Lofts it over mid on and he survives. The next ball hits the edge of the bat and goes up. However, lands in safe area. Two runs. Dot ball. He is living dangerously. The wicket is slow. Plays a pull shot and he has been caught! He has to walk back! Duminy takes the catch at deep midwicket. Kagiso Rabada provides the breakthrough. Mushfiqur Rahman is the new batsman. Shakib is on strike though. He crossed. He faces the first ball in the innings. One run.

Live cricket score Bangladesh 7/1 | Over 1 | TARGET: 149

BATTING: Soumya Sarkar 1 (2)

OUT! Tamim Iqbal c Quinton de Kock b Kyle Abbott 5 (4)

Kyle Abbott begins proceedings for South Africa. ONE! Tamim plays the ball to fine leg to get off the mark. DOT! Soumya Sarkar has a wide swing outside off, misses it completely. ONE! Sarkar smashes it down the ground, doesn’t time it. Wayne Parnerll has a shy at the stumps. FOUR! Tamim charges down the track and smashes outside off. The ball takes an outside edge and goes to the fine third man fence. DOT! Tamim charges down the track again but plays and misses as Abbott brings the ball back into him, through to the keeper. WIDE! Abbott strays down leg. OUT! Tamim tries to pull and takes his glove and Quinton de Kock takes a simple catch down the leg side.

Live cricket score South Africa 148/4 | Overs 20

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 79 (61), Rilee Rossouw 31 (21)

Final over of the match. Single taken. Dot ball. Faf du Plessis loses his bat again while taking single. Single. Dot ball. Good over by Shakib Al Hasan. Last ball of the innings. Rossouw runs down the track. Inside edge, misses the stump. Mushfiqur does not manage to collect it and Rossouw survives. However, dot ball to end. Well bowled by Bangladesh. However, well batted by Faf du Plessis. Bangladesh need 149 to win.

Live cricket score South Africa 137/4 | Overs 19

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 77 (59), Rilee Rossouw 28 (17)

Good partnership between Faf du Plessis and Rilee Rossouw. Single taken off the first ball. Mustafizur bowling his last over. Smart play by Rossouw. Single. Direct hit but no one to collect the ball and goes for another run. Rossouw looks fine. Great running by South Africa batsmen. Faf du Plessis plays the big shot. However, just two runs. Does not go far. Fielder collects. This is a big ground! Faf moves towards the off side and the bat swings away from the hand. The bat flies away along with ball! Not the first time it has happened. ANOTHER HUGE SIX! Rilee Rossouw.


Live cricket score South Africa 130/4 | Overs 18

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 71 (55), Rilee Rossouw 21 (15)

Three more overs to be bowled. Faf du Plessis on strike. Nasir Hossain returns to bowling. This will be his final over. Dot ball. Couple of runs taken. Good running between the wickets by the duo. Single taken. Oh! THAT WAS A SIX! Straight down the wicket by Rossouw. Fantastic shot by the southpaw. Dot ball. Reverse sweep and finds the gap and runs down to four.

Live cricket score South Africa 117/4 | Overs 17

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 68 (52), Rilee Rossouw 11 (12)

Two runs and single. Full toss by Mustafizur Rahman, once again and fielder down. Did not time it well. Oh! Wait, misfield and the fielder has to run and collect it. Big shout for LBW. Umpire not interested, once again and that will be leg bye. That is the cutter. Bowls the next one away from the batsman’s body. One run to end the over.

Live cricket score South Africa 109/4 | Overs 16

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 64 (49), Rilee Rossouw 8 (9)

Rilee Rossouw survives! South Africa almost lost their fifth wicket there. Drops short of the fielder. Wide ball. Single taken. Nasir bowling his third over. Reverse sweep. Dot ball. Good field placement. Shout for LBW and umpire not interested. Single to end the over.

Live cricket score South Africa 105/4 | Overs 15

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 63 (48), Rilee Rossouw 6 (4)

Mustafizur Rahman replaces Mashrafe Mortaza. Dot balls. Good bowling from the youngster. According to Twitter, Shakib Al Hasan is the only cricketer for his side to top the leading wicket-taker and run-scorer. That’s waist-high no-ball. And that will be a free-hit according to new rules! Rossouw on strike. Where will he hit it! Full toss and only single taken. Not a bad delivery from Mustafizur. Single and 100 comes up for Bangladesh. It was direct hit but Faf du Plessis was well inside the crease by then. However, good fielding by the new Bangladesh! Leg bye signalled. Only three extras so far by Bangladeshi bowlers. Well played! Short ball and put away for four runs towards third man. Well played by du Plessis.

Live cricket score South Africa 96/4 | Overs 14

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 57 (43), Rilee Rossouw 5 (2)

OUT! David Miller lbw Shakib Al Hasan 1 (3)

Shakib Al Hasan is back. He is bowling his third over. Single. THAT IS OUT! Miller has to walk back. SHAKIB AL HASAN BECOMES THE LEADING WICKET-TAKER IN T20Is for BANGLADESH. Rilee Rossouw is the new batsman. Miller was trapped leg before. Four runs to end the over.

Live cricket score South Africa 89/3 | Overs 13

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 55 (40), David Miller 1 (2)

Mortaza continues. Dot ball. SA batsmen does not want to take risk. Dot balls and two runs. Two runs taken as Tamim misses to collect the ball. Single. Miller on strike and the ball just misses the stump! He is lucky!

Live cricket score South Africa 84/3 | Overs 12

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 50 (35), David Miller 1 (1)

OUT! JP Duminy c Nasir Hossain b Arafat Sunny 18 (22)

Arafat Sunny returns. One run. JP Duminy lofts one high in the air. Is someone going to get hold of that? Two fielders under it. WAIT! IT IS NASIR HOSSAIN! TWO WICKETS FOR ARAFAT SUNNY. Well played, Bangladesh! Oops! The next ball goes for boundary as the fielder misses it. The last catch was an excellent effort. He had to stretch at the very last moment to complete the catch. David Miller is the new batsman. And FIFTY for FAF DU PLESSIS! Congrats, skipper! His sixth T20I half-century.

Live cricket score South Africa 76/2 | Overs 11

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 43 (31), JP Duminy 18 (21)

Mortaza continues. Duminy misses the slow ball and keepers collects it. Two runs after dot ball. The batsmen are rotating the strike well. Bangladesh have used already six bowlers. Four of them are spinners. Faf scoops one up in the air and the ball runs down towards the boundary. OH WAIT! Nasir Hossain flies down and saves four runs. Single to end the over.

Live cricket score South Africa 70/2 | Overs 10

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 40 (29), JP Duminy 15 (17)

Faf du Plessis taking time to put some tape on his hands. Sohag Gazi will continue. Partnership of 31 runs from 30 balls. Faf du Plessis almost manages to nick the ball away from stumps, the ball was very low. Single runs. South Africa lost four of their last five T20Is. Oops! They must be really worried. They would like to win it. Four runs from Faf Du Plessis and he moves to 40.

Live cricket score South Africa 62/2 | Overs 9

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 34 (25), JP Duminy 13 (15)

Mashrafe Mortaza comes to bowl. Single and Duminy on strike. Another single.  Runs coming in singles. Slow ball and more singles. Down the wicket by Faf du Plessis and the ball is smashed for four runs towards long off. Single off the last ball.

Live cricket score South Africa 53/2 | Overs 8

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 27 (21), JP Duminy 11 (13)

Sohag Gazi returns to international cricket after being away for more than a year. He has been recalled after he corrected his action. Duminy goes after him and lofts the ball towards midwicket. Single taken. Faf du Plessis on strike. Cuts Gazi for a lovely shot and the ball runs for four towards cover. Single. Six runs off the over already. Dot ball. One run and Faf du Plessis back on strike. Single off the last ball. Good over for South Africa.

Live cricket score South Africa 45/2 | Overs 7

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 23 (19), JP Duminy 8 (9)

Shakib Al Hasan continues. Single run and Duminy on strike. He charges down the track and strikes the ball straight down. The ball runs for four. Dot ball. Shakib reads him well. Single taken. Faf gets underneath the next one and the ball goes off towards the boundary. However, good stop by Nasir Hossain near the boundary. Single off the last ball.

Live cricket score South Africa 37/2 | Overs 6

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 19 (16), JP Duminy 3 (6)

It is Mustafizur Rahman, the man who disturbed India. Can he take five wickets today also? He bowls to Duminy and single taken. Faf du Plessis on strike. Faf moves towards off side and that is the cutter and misses the wicketkeeper and the slip fielder. Faf du Plessis survives. Another good angle ball. Faf gets off the mark. One run. Dot ball. Inside edge and the ball misses the stump. Duminy survives.

Live cricket score South Africa 35/2 | Overs 5

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 18 (13), JP Duminy 2 (3)

Shakib Al Hasan has been introduced to the attack. Single. Shakib to Duminy. Single. Dot ball. Faf du Plessis takes another single. Duminy on strike. Dot ball.

Live cricket score South Africa 31/2 | Overs 4

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 16 (10), JP Duminy 0 (0)

OUT! Quinton de Kock c Litton Das b Nasir Hossain 12 (8)

Two runs to start with. Quinton de Kock now shows his intentions. Dot ball. Mushfiqur stumps Quinton but it is wide ball and he looks to be clear of danger too. Single taken and Faf on strike. Four runs! More single. ANOTHER ONE GOES! Quinton de Kock has to walk back! This time Nasir Hossain picks the wicket. Bangladesh are on fire! JP Duminy is the new batsman.

Live cricket score South Africa 16/1 | Overs 3

BATTING: Quinton de Kock 3 (4), Faf du Plessis 11 (8)

Dot ball. Single. Arafat Sunny to Faf du Plessis. Faf looks to break through on the on side. And finally he slams the first four of the match. Another dot ball. Oh! Inside edge and misses the stump and the wicketkeeper and runs down for another boundary! South Africa playing risky cricket!

Live cricket score South Africa 7/1 | Overs 2

BATTING: Quinton de Kock 2 (2), Faf du Plessis 3 (4)

Nasir Hossain to bowl the second over. Skipper Faf du Plessis walks out to bat. The Proteas need a big score from him. Good start by Bangladesh. Runs coming in singles. Five runs from the over.

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Live cricket score South Africa 2/1 | Over 1

BATTING: Quinton de Kock 0 (0)

OUT! AB de Villiers c Mashrafe Mortaza b Arafat Sunny 2 (6)

Arafat Sunny is opening the bowling for Bangladesh. First runs for South Africa. Two runs for ABD. OUT! OMG! AB de Villiers is OUT! Taken by skipper Mashrafe Mortaza at point. ABD tries to cut it but gets caught! Big blow for South Africa!

TOSS: South Africa have won the toss and elected to bat.


Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Litton Das (wk), Soumya Sarkar, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Sabbir Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Sohag Gazi, Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mustafizur Rahman, Arafat Sunny.

South Africa: Quinton de Kock (wk), AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis (c), Rilee Rossouw, David Miller, Jean-Paul Duminy, David Wiese, Wayne Parnell, Aaron Phangiso, Kagiso Rabada, Kyle Abbott.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the first Twenty20 International (ODI) between Bangladesh and South Africa at Mirpur. After a dream run against Pakistan and India at home, Bangladesh will face the toughest task of this season when they will take on the Proteas at home. The series is commencing with a two-match T20 International (T20I) series, with the first game scheduled to be played at Mirpur on Sunday. READ: Bangladesh await their biggest test at home against South Africa

Bangladesh’s main weapon in the series will be their army of spinners. They know South Africa’s vulnerability towards playing spin, so they want to expose that. Recalling off-spinner Sohag Gazi to the squad, whose action is now cleared by International Cricket Council (ICC), is a clear indication that there will be a stern ‘spin test’ for the South African batsmen during this tour.

Mashrafe Mortaza currently has a settled team. He has a quality bowling attack which is very suitable for the Mirpur wicket. It will be interesting to see how young Mustafizur Rahman bowls against the likes of AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis and others.


Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Litton Das (wk), Shakib Al Hasan, Arafat Sunny, Jubair Hossain, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mustafizur Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Rony Talukdar, Rubel Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Sohag Gazi, Soumya Sarkar, Tamim Iqbal.

South Africa: Faf du Plessis (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Kyle Abbott, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Beuran Hendricks, Eddie Leie, David Miller, Chris Morris, Wayne Parnell, Aaron Phangiso, Kagiso Rabada, Rilee Rossouw, David Wiese.

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