This will be a tough summer for England © Getty Images
This is the beginning of a tough summer for England © Getty Images

Catch live cricket score and ball-by-ball commentary of England vs New Zealand 2015, 1st Test at Lord’s, Day 1

(Can England start their summer on a high note or will New Zealand break their jinx in England? Catch the live cricket scores and updates of the 1st, Day 1 here)

Tremendous turnaround for England! They lost quick four wickets in the first session to come back and end the first day at 354 for seven wickets at stumps. In case you missed any of the action, here is the match report here.

Live Cricket Score: England 354/7 | Overs 90

Batsmen: Moeen Ali 49 (92)

OUT! Jos Buttler lbw Trent Boult 67 (126)

Trent Boult to bowl the final over of Day One of the first Test. Dot balls to start the proceedings. Good day for England overall. After a poor start, Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler and Moeen Ali steered the English batting. Jos Buttler is given leg before on the final ball of the over. He has gone for the review. What will it be? Is Buttler out? Seems like it has pitched in line.

Live Cricket Score: England 354/6 | Overs 89

Batsmen: Jos Buttler 67 (120), Moeen Ali 49 (92)

Four runs to start the over. Moeen Ali produces an elegant straight drive. He moves to 49 not out. Dot balls. In-swing to end the over.

Live Cricket Score: England 348/6 | Overs 87

Batsmen: Jos Buttler 65 (114), Moeen Ali 45 (86)

Matt Henry introduced into the attack. Moeen nine runs short of his second Test half-century. In-swing and dot ball. Secon ball runs away for four runs. More dot balls.

Live Cricket Score: England 316/6 | Overs 81

Batsmen: Jos Buttler 51 (99), Moeen Ali 32 (65)

New ball taken. New Zealand get two more reviews. Two slips and a gully for Trent Boult. Dot ball to start followed by a leg bye. Good chase by Matt Henry as he saves four runs, but Buttler and Moeen have managed to run three. Few dot balls and single off the fifth ball. Dot ball to end the over.

Live Cricket Score: England 303/6 | Overs 79

Batsmen: Jos Buttler 50 (95), Moeen Ali 23 (57)

Two dot balls and single as Jos Buttler completes his fourth Test century. More dot balls. Brendon McCullum need to get rid of this partnership. One more over for the new ball.

Live Cricket Score: England 302/6 | Overs 77

Batsmen: Jos Buttler 49 (92), Moeen Ali 23 (48)

Corey Anderson to Moeen Ali round the wicket. Short ball, Ali tries to pull it but misses. Dot ball. Another short ball and Ali pulls it this time for a single. Anderson to Jos Buttler. Dot ball. Drives the fourth delivery for a four. Buttler moves to 47. Dot ball. Pushes the final delivery of the over to the leg side. Two runs off the last ball.

Live Cricket Score: England 278/6 | Overs 71

Batsmen: Jos Buttler 34 (80), Moeen Ali 14 (24)

Corey Anderson into the attack, with 20 overs left for the day. Three dot balls and Moeen Ali breaks to take a single. Jos Buttler on strike. Inside edge, misses the stump and a quick single. Last ball of the over. Quick single taken.

Live Cricket Score: England 267/6 | Overs 68

Batsmen: Jos Buttler 30 (74), Moeen Ali 7 (12)

Matt Henry has the third best for a New Zealand debutant at Lord’s. He is bowling to Moeen Ali. Short ball and wide signalled by the umpire. It was too short. Single taken. Jos Buttler on strike. Good running between the wickets. More single runs. Fourth delivery hits the pads. Umpire not interested. Looks like hitting outside leg stump. New Zealand does not have a review left. They only get one after 80 overs. Single to end the over.

Stat Alert: This is the first time that No. 5 and 6 have been dismissed in their 90s in an innings. Closest: Clive Lloyd 95 and Larry Gomes 90 not out at Sabina Park 1981.

Live Cricket Score: England 255/6 | Overs 64

Batsmen: Jos Buttler 26 (61), Moeen Ali 4 (1)

OUT! Joe Root 96 c Tom Latham b Matt Henry 98 (161)

Single and more single runs. Joe Root edges and he is out! He falls two runs short of his Test hundred. Moeen Ali is the new batsman. The first ball hits him on the pads it seems, loud shout from the New Zealand players. Umpire not interested. McCullum decides to go up. It has hit bat.

Live Cricket Score: England 246/5 | Overs 62

Batsmen: Joe Root 96 (153), Jos Buttler 24 (58)

Matt Henry continues. He is bowling to Jos Buttler. Fuller delivery and Buttler edges it. Falls short of Ross Taylor at second slip. Butt;er survives. Quite handful of out-swings by Henry. Dot balls.

Live Cricket Score: England 222/5 | Overs 56

Batsmen: Joe Root 80 (134), Jos Buttler 13 (35)

Matt Henry bowls the first over of the third session. Joe Root drives and single taken. Dot balls. Four to end the over.

Live Cricket Score: England 219/5 | Overs 55

Batsmen: Joe Root 80 (134), Jos Buttler 13 (35)

That is tea and Root remains not out on 80. His innings have slowed down compared to the first sessions. Jos Buttler is not out at the other end.

Live Cricket Score: England 206/5 | Overs 50

Batsmen: Joe Root 74 (121), Jos Buttler 6 (18)

Matt Henry continues. Three dot balls, followed by a quick single. Lovely drive by Jos Buttler as the ball runs for four towards long on.

Live Cricket Score: England 191/5 | Overs 45

Batsmen: Joe Root 65 (104), Jos Buttler 0 (5)

OUT! Ben Stokes b Mark Craig 92 (94)

A misjudgement by Ben Stokes and Mark Craig has bowled Stokes. Very important breakthrough. Stokes’s Lord’s hundred will have to wait. Jos Buttler is the new batsman. Dot balls. Buttler yet to get off the mark.

Live Cricket Score: England 172/4 | Overs 39

Batsmen: Joe Root 61 (92), Ben Stokes 79 (75)

Matt Henry to Ben Stokes. Wider ball on off side. Excellent shot by Stokes. Four runs off the backfoot. Pitched up delivery. Dot ball. Short ball and pulls it for six. The first six of the match. Another short one and Stokes guides it for four more. Looks like Henry is testing the middle of the pitch. Another short one and Stokes has to pull it on time to avoid getting hit in the middle. The Stokes-Joe Root partnership in 142 from 163 balls.

Live Cricket Score: England 137/4 | Overs 33

Batsmen: Joe Root 57 (75), Ben Stokes 51 (55)

Ben Stokes completes his Test half-century also. His second Test fifty. England have come back strong.

Live Cricket Score: England 119/4 | Overs 28

Batsmen: Joe Root 50 (53), Ben Stokes 41 (47)

Tim Southee to bowl from pavilion end. Dot ball and Stokes gets a single. Root on strike and he completes his 10th half-century. Applauds around. BJ Watling is not wickeetkeeping and Tom Latham has been keeping wickets since lunch. Four runs for Stokes.

Live Cricket Score: England 113/4 | Overs 27

Batsmen: Joe Root 49 (52), Ben Stokes 36 (42)

Joe Root and Ben Stokes walks out followed by the New Zealand team. Trent Boult will bowl the first over after lunch. Boult will bowl from nursery end. Dot ball. Root is the batsman. He is one short of his 10th Test half-century. Root drives it straight down the line, Boult’s fingers misses it and the ball goes and knocks the bail off the stumps. Stokes survives as Boult could not get a touch. Maiden to start the proceedings.

Live Cricket Score: England 113/4 | Overs 26

Batsmen: Joe Root 49 (46), Ben Stokes 36 (42)

Ben Stokes and Joe Root remain unbeaten as the duo led an inspiring England fightback. Root will remain one short of yet another Test half-century. Lunch have been taken.

Live Cricket Score: England 99/4 | Overs 23

Batsmen: Joe Root 36 (39), Ben Stokes 35 (33)

Mark Craig has been introduced to the attack. The ball spins and hits the pads. Appeal from the bowler. However, it is way outside leg side. Dot balls. Single taken. Root on strike. The last delivery hits the pads. Big appeal from New Zealand cricketers. Umpire says no. Brendon McCullum decides to review it. Impact is Umpire’s call. However, the ball is hitting the wickets.

Live Cricket Score: England 67/4 | Overs 18

Batsmen: Joe Root 18 (21), Ben Stokes 23 (17)

Trent Boult continues. Brendon McCullum having a chat with the bowler. Three slips and a gully for Joe Root. Ben Stokes and Root have settled the England innings after the side lost their top four batsmen. Root pushes one towards midwicket and the fielders chases it down. Three runs taken. Fine shot by Stokes, and four runs. Full delivery and Stokes dig it out. Four more runs on the leg side.

Live Cricket Score: England 31/4 | Overs 13

Batsmen: Joe Root 4 (4), Ben Stokes 1 (4)

OUT! Ian Bell b Matt Henry 1 (7)

Ian Bell has been bowled by a beautiful Matt Henry delivery! Lawrence Booth says that it is 2013 Ashes all over again! Amazing display by New Zealand. England have lost their top four batsmen. Ben Stokes is the new batsman. Moeen Ali is seen walking by the boundary. May be he is getting ready for his chance, the way wickets are falling for England. Amazing out-swinger it was from Henry. Stokes gets off the mark. Single taken. He retains strike.

Live Cricket Score: England 30/3 | Overs 12

Batsmen: Ian Bell 1 (6), Joe Root 4 (4)

Four slips and one gully for Ian Bell. Tim Southee back into the attack. He has already picked one wicket. Dot balls. Bell drives and good fielding by Tom Latham at cover. Few runs saved! Rugby players grace the Lord’s today to witness the first Test. Bell gets off the mark.

Live Cricket Score: England 29/3 | Overs 11

Batsmen: Ian Bell 0 (0), Joe Root 4 (4)

OUT! Alastair Cook c BJ Watling b Matt Henry 16 (36)

Ian Bell is the new batsman. Brendon McCullum has made plenty of changes over the first hour. Matt Henry picks up his first Test wicket at the Mecca of Cricket — Lord’s. What a moment for the Black Caps! Amazing start. However, same story for England. Another Yorksman in for England. Joe Root. Two right-handed batsmen. New Zealand on top. Root drives through cover and four runs. Dot ball to end the over.

Live Cricket Score: England 25/2 | Overs 10

Batsmen: Alastair Cook 16 (34)

OUT! Gary Ballance c Tim Southee b Trent Boult 1 (9)

England loses their second wicket, the second Yorkshire cricketer. Ballance walks back after scoring one off nine balls. Boult picks up his first wicket. Southee, who took the first wicket, takes the catch as he dives to his right side.

Live Cricket Score: England 22/1| Overs 8

Batsmen: Alastair Cook 14 (30), Gary Ballance 1 (1)

OUT! Adam Lyth c BJ Watling b Tim Southee 7 (17)

Southee to Lyth and slight edge and BJ Watling catches it. Lyth is on his way. England loses their first wicket. Lyth walks to captain Cook and little discussion. Lyth does not look confident and he decides to walk off. Remember, both the teams have two reviews each. Gary Ballance is the new batsman. Another Yorkshire cricketer replacing Yorkshman. Ballance off the mark. Four by Cook, pushes it towards gully. In-swings and dot ball to end the over.

Live Cricket Score: England 17/0| Overs 7

Batsmen: Adam Lyth 7 (15), Alastair Cook 10 (27)

Change of bowling. Debutant Matt Henry into the attack. The 23-year-old is bowling from Nursery End. Couple of runs taken, followed by dot ball. Good strike by Lyth and he gets three runs. McCullum chases it down. Just a gentle push by Lyth and the ball runs down to the long off. Henry to Cook, dot balls.

Live Cricket Score: England 12/0| Overs 6

Batsmen: Adam Lyth 2 (12), Alastair Cook 10 (24)

Southee and Boult continues. There have been couple of chances and Cook has survived. The third delivery of the over in-swings and misses the stump by few inches. The first boundary of the innings by Cook. No fine leg. McCullum decides to change fielding positions. Old Father Time of Lord’s is missing in action!

Live Cricket Score: England 1/0| Overs 2

Batsmen: Adam Lyth 1 (6), Alastair Cook 0 (5)

Tim Southee to bowl from the Nursery End. Southee to Lyth and the ball in-swings. Lyth leaves it. England have seven left-handed batsmen in the side. Little pep-talk by Cook to Lyth. Four dot balls. Maiden over by Southee.

Live Cricket Score: England 1/0| Over 1

Batsmen: Adam Lyth 1 (1), Alastair Cook 0 (5)

Trent Boult to Adam Lyth and he is off the mark. Five slips for Boult. Boult to Cook and dot ball. Lyth getting too excited at the other end. He is ready to take a single and get on strike. That might run him out. Cook needs to tell him to settle down. Nice out-swing by Boult. Cook is being tested by Boult’s out-swings. Excellent over by Boult. Only one run.

Dickie Bird rings the Lord’s bell. Adam Lyth and Alastair Cook make way to the middle. New Zealand to bowl first.

TOSS: New Zealand win toss and elect to bowl against England.


England: Alastair Cook (c), Adam Lyth, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Jos Buttler (wk), Ben Stokes, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Mark Wood.

New Zealand:  Tom Latham, Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum (c), Corey Anderson, BJ Watling (wk), Mark Craig, Matt Henry, Trent Boult and Tim Southee.

Alastair Cook: Good question. It doesn’t really matter what we would have done. It really looks like a good Test wicket as both captains were undecided as to what to do. If the sun stays out, we know that Lord’s becomes a good wicket to bat on. It’s been a quick turnaround and it is a fantastic to be here. Adam (Lyth) will open the batting, Mark Wood with the way he has been bowling for Durham will be exciting to see them. That’s what we are paid to do.’

Brendon McCullum: We are going to have a bowl first. It has a little bit of green tinge. There will be some help for the bowlers in the first innings. The guys are very stable and have got used to playing to different formats. Those guys are ready to go, we have a debutant in Matt Henry and Martin Guptill also comes back. The World Cup was a great experience and we will have fond memories.

Adam Lyth and Mark Wood get their Test caps from England Director of cricket Andrew Strauss. Much deserved Test call for Lyth. He has had some amazing county seasons over the last few years and has been an integral part of Yorkshire.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the third day of the second Test between England and New Zealand at Lord’s on Thursday. This is Sudatta Mukherjee, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from the first day’s play. Live scorecard: England vs New Zealand, 1st Test, Lord’s, Day 1

The English summer kicks off with the hosts England taking on New Zealand in the first Test of the two-match series at Lord’s. This will be New Zealand’s first assignment after their glorious campaign of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. England on the other hand, played one Test series in West Indies, which was drawn 1-1. England would like to start afresh after that series. Especially ahead of the Ashes, Alastair Cook’s boys would like to get back to winning ways. Free Live Cricket Streaming: England vs New Zealand 2015, 1st Test at Lord’s, Day 1

New Zealand on the other hand, are currently in red-hot form and will be looking to add to England’s misery. Not only have England had a horrid time at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, the recent off-field controversies would have certainly had a mental impact on many senior players. England will hope they weather the storm and put in a good showing in the series. READ: Preview, England vs New Zealand 1st Test


England: Alastair Cook (c), Adam Lyth, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (wk), Chris Jordan, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Mark Wood.

New Zealand:  Brendon McCullum (c), Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Doug Bracewell, Mark Craig, Martin Guptill, Matt Henry, Tom Latham, Luke Ronchi, Hamish Rutherford, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Neil Wagner, BJ Watling (wk), Kane Williamson.

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