Mal Loye opened for England briefly in the 2006-07 season © Getty Images
Mal Loye opened for England briefly in the 2006-07 season © Getty Images


May 16, 2014


Mal Loye, former Lancashire team-mate of Lou Vincent, has revealed that he was approached by the Kiwi batsman to spot-fix in county games.


Talking to Telegraph Sport, the opening batsman said, “In the beginning [when Vincent first made the approach] I just thought what is going on here? It was a very lonely place. My way of dealing with it was wrong. If it happened now with all the education in place I would have been a lot more informed about approaching the right person to let them know about it. In the end my way of dealing with it was to just ignore him.”



When the incident happened in 2008, there was little anti-corruption education for county players, and there was not even a way for the players to report approaches. Loye, who played for England in 2006-07, said, “It is a lot more acceptable now to report approaches. It now part of everyone’s duty as a player to report, but before it was a dirty word even to be linked in any way to corruption, even if in a positive way such as you being the one reporting the offense. I just did not want any association with it at all.


“The ECB approached me last year as part of their fixing case and I had put it out of my mind until then. My career as a cricketer was done and dusted. Then when I was asked about it [by the ECB] the emotion and details all came out.


“When I put them down on paper there were some incredible stories and a sense of relief came over me. I love the game and for it to be treated in this way by Louie was completely unacceptable. I hoped it [Vincent fixing] was just a one-off but clearly it was not.”


Loye will reportedly not face any action for failing to report Vincent six years ago, as the powers-that-be decreed that there was no culture of reporting players when approached for fixing games.


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