Prosper Utseya can bowl slow-medium deliveries in international cricket, says ICC © Getty Images (File photo)

Dec 10, 2014

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Wednesday cleared Zimbabwe‘s Prosper Utseya to bowl slow-medium deliveries in international cricket following remedial work on his action. “In advance of any re-test, a player who has been banned from bowling in international cricket is required to identify the various types of delivery he wants assessed, with a view to bowling those types of delivery in international matches should his suspension be lifted. Utseya identified his off-spin and a variety of slow medium deliveries as the types of delivery he would be bowling,” said the ICC in a statement.

“At the re-test Utseya’s range of slow medium deliveries all measured within the 15-degree level of tolerance as permitted under the ICC regulations for the review of bowlers reported with suspected illegal bowling actions,” the statement said. “Utseyas off-spin deliveries were also analysed but measured as illegal and as such this type of delivery remains illegal and he cannot bowl it in international cricket.”

The umpires are still at liberty to report Utseya in the future if they believe he is displaying a suspect action and not reproducing the legal action that was analysed during the re-test.