With cricket becoming more and more batsmen friendly, bowlers are forced to come up with something new and that has been the trend in recent times – From mystery balls, carrom balls, Knuckle balls, back-of-the hand balls to slow bouncers, bowlers have tried everything.

What else is there to try? Well, why not try switching your bowling hand if you are ambidextrous. It may not still be widely popular or widely tried, but bowlers capable of bowling with both arms do come into the limelight occasionally. It still is a rarity, but India now has two ambidextrous.

After Vidarbha s Akshay Karnewar showcased his prowess in the domestic circuit in 2016, the second edition of Tamil Nadu Premier League hs earthed Mokit Hariharan who can bowl with both arms.

Here s the evidence:

Playing for VB Kanchi Veerans Hariharan bowled orthodox left-arm spin to a right-handed batsman and then switched to right-arm offspin for a left-handed batsman. A top-batsman, Hariharan failed to pick any wickets conceding 32 runs in his four overs. However, with the bat he made an unbeaten 77 off 50 deliveries.